Carriage Clock Repairs


I provide repairs for all types of mechanical (or electric!) carriage clocks. Almost all repairs are in fact services on these items, as they rarely experience physical damage or wear. The problem is for the most part is associated with the finer cogs at the top of the clock and their linkage to the platform escapement. Cleaning the spindle holes and adjusting the cogs tension will almost always return a carriage clock to almost original working condition. They are generally well made items and do not suffer wear easily.

This type of clock uses a platform escapement. This has a hair spring on it you can see through the top glass. If there is a major machanical problem with a carriage clock it tends to be in this area and will require the sourcing of a new escapment unit. These vary from clock to clock with a large variance in pricing; depending on wether you would prefer a contemporary or vintage unit. Prices for services range from £50 to clean a small clock up to £120 for a larger chiming unit. Replacement parts vary from £15 for a vintage key to £90 for an antique escapement + fitting costs of £30.

In summary, I commonly provide the following services:

  • Stopped clock repairs and calibration
  • Service Cleaning
  • Sourcing and replacement of bevelled glass
  • Replacement keys
  • Sourcing and replacement of platform escapement


Braintree Clock Repairs