David Smith From The Quinpongfangdong province of China. Or India. Probably.

I would love to get feedback from my readers and answer questions and suchlike. I tried it when I launched the blog and while I got some good comments I was besieged with…

“herro good day sir madam, my nam is David Smith. We like blog for good reason. Many good story help me bigger. Very good expert. Many happy. please visit www.PornDe#th_Kill_0908809809808098.co.virus”

I was getting at least five of these a day from people employed, I would guess abroad, to create links to my website in order for google rank their own websites higher.  I had a look at this and thought there must be some way of stopping it. There isnt. Unless you want to force people through a registration system when they want to post on the blog.

Just email me – simple. The alternative is for me to have to log onto the website, go into administration to approve your request, go to your comment, approve it, do that again for everyone who has commented and endlessly go through… computing. I’m not doing it.

Im no big fan of computers to be honest.  I am the first to admit they are an unfortunate necessity with which I could not do without. That doesn’t stop me despising them most of the time. If I had it my way we would communicate by semaphore tower relays and drive clockwork cars wound up at treadmills driven by a slave army of David Smiths and his internet colleagues.