More clock repair help less waffle. Probably.

Recently I’ve struggled to get time to publish on the blog. Its a problem because the blog goes to the heart of what we do.

Now as regular readers know I would happily live in a clockwork Nicolai Tesla world where technology, excluding aeronautics, rocket and space tech, medical science, and glass manufacture all stopped in about 1870. Hmmm… That doesn’t make much sense so In will summarise it by saying computers have some link to evil and the Antichrist. But they are sort of handy so I’ve decided to change the blog a bit. More videos.

When I starred this it was firmly aimed at helping people like me who like clocks. Recently a lot of the content has become a bit more towards generic education and theory. So what I’m going to do is unedited “pick up and record” mini tutorial vids on the job. If I come to something interesting I’ll just try and self direct and wing a 1 min video on it. Almost every day there’s something I entertain writing about and don’t have the time. With a bit of luck and assistance from the Beelzebub phone I should be able to rebalance the blog towards real fix solutions and information. Also, I’ve just spent £120 on a Blackview 5800 indestructible water proof phone I am testing out. I can’t believe how good it is for the money but its a bit heavy (which I actually like) and it looks like Optimus Prime (a kids cartoon character – but its bullet proof.

Anyway, thats the news. More videos.

Now, I wrote this about a week ago and saved it to a draft file for later publication. Since this I have done a couple of videos. I have discovered that I have a 120mb upload limit on them, so while I have them now ready to publish, I need some software to reduce the file size. With my love of computers already stated, this may take some time but dont worry theres some decent content on the way for you home DIY fix people and buyers. Ive done a short vid on a delightful little french movement explaining why its better and a buyers guide for turn of the century regulators because I just bought one and I love it. But it cost me loads. Im useless at buying clocks. If I want it I end up paying ticket price because my negotiation skills are right up there with Norman Wisdom and Mike Tyson. Basically I dont think I really understand negotiation. The seller says “its £100” and I say “I really really like it and want it and must have it, how about £95”. For some reason the buyer sees my weakness and ends up charging me £120 because Im showing weakness or something. I dont care. I got the clock I wanted. Vid to follow soon!.