Bracket “Clock” Rude Printing Error

Well. This is what happened. We were doing a mailshot for the Antiques Centre and Braintree Clock Repairs.

I was put in charge of the artwork as I have some experience in computer design, despite despising computers. Incidentally I now despise computers even more, however, back to the point.

We were in a rush to get the mailshot done for one reason or another and so the “proof reading bit”, for which I should have not been made responsible in my view, was my responsibility.

Now as many of you will know, when you read, you do not read the letters. Your brain translates the shape of the word and then you speed on to the next word and so on and so forth.

This makes spelling mistakes that don’t change the SHAPE of the word very hard to see. For instance the word clock, if written in capitals, looks the same shape as the word… well Ill let you find it. Look for the words “Bracket Clock” and then look at it again.

It was a 5000 print run. It is now a heavy box of paper for recycling.

Ill stick to fixing clocks. Advertising doesn’t seem to be my game.