Proverbial “bent pin” bodge and god

Almost all the clocks I repair have had prior repairs – good and bad. You marvel at some of the skills you can see have been put to bear in the past, and on other occasions you wonder what possesses some people when faced with finding a mechanical solution.

Then theres this. Its an aluminum washer secured with a bent pin.

There was a time when I wondered if I could keep busy with clocks full time and would need to do barometers and woodwork. But that was a long time ago and disappeared the more I realised my work is created by human nature as opposed to mechanical failure. Mechanical failure IS human nature. QED.

I’m up at St Mary’s Church in Gt Bardfield today doing a clock strip down demo as part of their harvest festival celebrations – thanking god for the skills he gave us. Think he missed out the guy who did this clock last time. He must have been in the charm que instead assuming he charged for the fix.