Early Bavarian Cuckoo Restoration – Amazing Music Box

This is due for a major repair kick off this week. Its a really good example of a mid Victorian cuckoo clock with dual automaters and an exquisite music box. More on this when its underway, however, take a look at the cylinder! I dont know how many notes per sequence there are probably between one and two thousand at a broad estimate. Ive run it manually to have a listen and it sounds like an orchestra playing one instrument.

What doesnt really come over from the photographs is the size of this thing. Its a good 2ft x 1ft if not more which gives a lot of scope for carving as you can see. This is a big job as the mechanism is shot pretty much with all the cams worn and no longer doing their job. In addition there is damage to the roof and structure so the whole case will need sorting out before each section of independently mounted mechanics can by synchronised. Love it!.