Christmas Opening Hours

I am shutting up shop for the holidays from 4 pm Saturday the the 18th of December. I will still be working but the workshop and the Saturday clock clinic wont be operating until the 8th of January 2022.

So, The workshop closes for xmas between 4pm Saturday the 18th December 2021 to 10am Wednesday the 5th January. The first clock clinic runs on the 8th – this is for simple low cost fixes and quotes / collections / deliveries and runs every Saturday normally.

I will be working at my home workshop during this time except for the 4 days of Christmas inclusive of the two bank holidays.

Most of the rest of the two weeks I will be available on the phone to book a a January call out or just offer a bit of advice e.g. a 3 minute phone call about how to set up your new cuckoo clock.

If you need me to come round for something urgent then just give me a ring. I cant promise any specific availability but I expect to be doing at least two call outs while the Antiques Centre is closed as is normally the case over the Christmas shut down.

My number is: 07462 269529


So, dont be afraid to ring. Things are happening and Christmas is just an inconvenience as far as I am concerned although the idea of working from home for a couple of weeks does appeal to me greatly!.

Have an excellent Christmas, be the best you can be and remember Christmas is about other people so get round and visit those who might me lonely or felt forgotten. Im 55 and Im lucky if I get 3 people visiting but then again, I live with my two sons so I always have company. Providing I can sabotage any girlfriend relationships they may attempt to engage in I should be able to have them around for quite a few more Christmases.