New Shop & Callout Hours

As readers of this blog will be aware I have two workshops – One at the antiques centre and one at home. I have tended to use the workshop at home more simply because I can do what I want there, work late, have fun, break when I want to, and all sorts of other soft benefits.

Thats now changing.

I’ve rejuvenated facilities and tooling at the Antiques centre and will be stationed there much more. The plan is Wednesday through to Saturday 10am- 4.30 pm. This also means that if you want me to come and collect clocks for repair or repair them on site then this is going to have to be on either a Monday or a Tuesday.

The reason I’m doing this is that many customers now want to bring their clocks to me and talk options during the week. People often have more important things to do on a Saturday and I cant really limit visits to the workshop to Saturdays only any more.

Ok so NOW you can bring your clocks to me in the week. Thats it really.

You would not believe how much of a difference this will make to my work patterns and options, but at the end of the day I need to be available to my customers and there are just too many of you lovely people to squidge into one day of over the counter service work.