Metamec Mechanical Carriage Clock Repair

This came in to me today as a “its not working properly” repair. With carriage clocks there are only 3 reasons for this

  1. Fouling and lubrication on the going train and platform escapement components (clean required)
  2. A failed or worn platform escapement (replacement required)
  3. A faded mainspring (replacement required which involves a full clean as well)

I’ve just finished up on the clean and its running on a single wind so thats as much as needs doing on this occasion.

The reason for the article is actually about this being a Metamec machanical carriage clock. The odd thing is I know more about Metamec than any other clock company as they are close to me and somebody was kind enough to write a book. In all my time repairing these clocks I have never come accross a true mechanical carriage clock by Metamec – they were all electric or quartz.

This clock is actually badged “St James” and is a retirement presentation item. I was told by the owner everyone was given the same clock etc. so I assume the company had bought a stock of them. The paperwork however clearly shows its a metamec clock.

Metamec were all over the place from the 70’s onwards due to the quartz revolution and various buyouts and take overs. Its not surprising that they diversified into corporate supply at some point but I cant find a record of it apart from this clock!.