Braintree Clock Repairs

I work from my workshop at Braintree Antiques Centre next to Argos in Braintree TUESDAY TO FRIDAY 10.30am – 3.30 pm. It could save you a trip if you phone me first as I can usually give accurate estimates from a telephone call. If you plan to visit heres the address.  This is also the postal address for incoming clocks you want to send to me. Please dont send anything before giving me a call to check some essentails.

Braintree Clock Repairs
Unit 660
CM77 7AA
Tel: 07462 269529

The only thing I do not do is valuations. I find it vulgar, pointless and rather like people coming in and asking my what their wife is worth on a good day. The answer is the same to both questions, “whatever its worth to you”. If its an absolute corker of course I will mention it.

Free estimates by phone, appointment, or text/picture messaging.

07462 269 529

WP_20160217_003Call or text me

If you would like an estimate on a repair or to simply ask me to come and have a look, please call me on 07462 269529 between 9am and 9pm 7 days a week. If you dont know whats wrong with your clock I can usually work out broadly what the problem is on the phone and give an idea of whats required.

“Whatsapp” me with pictures for a faster more accurate estimate.

If you cant provide pictures please just email me a description of what the problem in whatever terms you are comfortable with e.g. “I have a clock my father used to own and its not worked for a few years. Its about 14 inches wide by 9 high.”

The more detail you can provide the better, buts its not essentail for the purposes of a first line diagnosis and broader estimate. Most problems fit in to certain repair categories where the range of costs are known so its just a matter of working out approximately what is required in order to give some idea of the possible price range.

That said, good pictures really do speak a 1000 words…

If you are familiar with taking and sending Whatsapp photos then please take as many as is convenient along the lines of:

  • Pictures of the entire clock from the front sides and rear.
  • Close ups of damage you would like attention paid to.
  • Any you can take of the inside of the clock showing the back of the movement in a close up that shows any engraved text or serial numbers (if possible!).

The reason I will no longer asnswer emails is because most of them are are from criminals. I suggest you immediately stop using email and move to a phone app with high higher levels of security and encryption. I really actually care about my customers and many of them rely on my for advice and guidance on technical and identifying criminal likely criminical emails. The key things you should be looking out for are messages that seem very coincidental in light of conversations you might have had with friends on you phone. Lets say you were talking about getting one of those outside bubble bath things to a friend on the phone. “by coincidence” you then recieve phone adverts for bubbly pools. Its not a coincidence. If you want a bubbly bath outside with you nearest and dearest and and the obligatory glass of prosecco then go down to your local garden centre, deal with a real person, see the goods you are thinking of buying, insist on a live test, a term guarantee, and trust the people you are talking to because they are one youve seen around for a while who associated with they commercial company you keep and trust.

 07462 269 529

The email address is, I do not check emails unless somebody tells me they have sent me one, so you may as well ring me rather than type the email out unless you want to send me pictures and dont know how to do that from your phone.