Braintree Clock Repairs at Braintree Antiques Centre

I work from my workshop at Braintree Antiques Centre next to Argos in Braintree WEDNESDAY TO SATURDAY 10am – 4.30 pm. It could save you a trip if you phone me first as I can usually give accurate estimates from a telephone call. If you plan to visit heres the address.  DO NOT SEND CLOCKS TO THIS ADDRESS.

Braintree Clock Repairs
The Bocking Arts Theatre
15 Bocking End
Tel: 07462 269529

If you want to send your clock to me then my MY POSTAL ADRESS is:

Justin Holt
Braintree Clock Repairs
26 Masefield Road
Tel: 07462 269529

I have had a lot of people getting these addresses mixed up so Ive just changed the web page so they appear together. I hope this stops the confusion.

The other thing thats worth knowing in terms of opening times and what goes on is that I run  “clock clinic” on Saturdays. On Saturday, so many people come in  just holding clocks looking hopeful I have been essentially forced to devote Saturdays to a form of clinic where people just turn up without appointment and get advice, quick fixes, silly nothing spares like leaf springs. If its a relatively quick jobn Ill offer the option to go away and have a coffee somewhere in town while I do a quick basic fix such as a quartz movement replacement or ultrasonic cleaning of assemblies. Prices are about £30 on average and if it goes over £60 then it normally means I’m keeping the clock and you come back next week or whatever the estimated time of completion is.

The only thing I do not do is valuations. I find it vulgar, pointless and rather like people coming in and asking my what their wife is worth on a good day. The answer is the same to both questions, “whatever its worth to you”. If its an absolute corker of course I will mention it, however, if I quote the value in Camels its not the clock I’m valuing. See what I mean about vulgar?.

Free estimates by phone email or appointment.

07462 269 529

WP_20160217_003Call or text me

If you would like an estimate on a repair or to simply ask me to come and have a look, please call me on 07462 269529 between 9am and 9pm 7 days a week. If you dont know whats wrong with your clock I can usually work out broadly what the problem is on the phone and give an idea of whats required.

Email me with pictures for a faster more accurate estimate.

If you cant provide pictures please just email me a description of what the problem in whatever terms you are comfortable with e.g. “I have a clock my father used to own and its not worked for a few years. Its about 14 inches wide by 9 high.”

The more detail you can provide the better, buts its not essentail for the purposes of a first line diagnosis and broader estimate. Most problems fit in to certain repair categories where the range of costs are known so its just a matter of working out approximately what is required in order to give some idea of the possible price range.

That said, good pictures really do speak a 1000 words…

If you are familiar with taking and emailing photos then please take as many as is convenient along the lines of:

  • Pictures of the entire clock from the front sides and rear.
  • Close ups of damage you would like attention paid to.
  • Any you can take of the inside of the clock showing the back of the movement in a close up that shows any engraved text or serial numbers (if possible!).

If theres a lot to photograph or you would simply prefer that I visit to have a good look then please text or call my mobile 07462 269529. I am more than happy to take calls up until 9pm weekdays and over the weekend.

I cover about a 10 to 15 mile radius around Braintree which runs to the borders of Bishops stortford, Chelmsford, and Cochester.  07462 269 529