Services & Prices

Services and Prices

I clean and repair all types of clock including Grandfather Clocks, Mantle Clocks, Regular Style Clocks, Carriange Clocks including 20th century electric models. Most of the clocks I repair of clean tend to have some sentimental value to their owners & I am happy undertake any repair on any clock you care to present to me. I have split the price list into two sections; cleaning and then parts replacement. Costs are indicative and, to quote accurately, all jobs need to be seen via photo or ideally if you could send or bring your clock to me.

The prices below give you an idea of what it might cost to get your clock repaired or serviced by Braintree Clock Repairs.


Clean & Service of a lock movement

All the services below cover disassembly, cleaning, reassembly, lubrication and re-fitting. Also, collection and delivery if appropriae. I do not list every possible service here so if you cant find what you are looking for please contact me via email or phone.

  • Grandfather Clock Movement 1730 – 1800 £340-480
  • Grandfather Clock Movement 1800 – 1900 £240-360
  • Grandfathers 1900+ movements priced as Mantle and wall clocks (they usually have modified mantle clock movements)
  • Carriage Clock Movement – Small £120
  • Carriage Clock Movement – Standard £160
  • Carriage Clock Movement Standard Chiming £220
  • Viennese Regulator Pre-1850 Clean & Lubricate £180
  • Viennese Regulator Clean & Lubricate Late Victorian Movement £240
  • Mantle & Wall Clocks 1950-70 single chime Movement £160
  • Mantle & Wall Clocks 1950 -70 Westminster Chime Movement £240


clock_repairRepairs & Spares

All prices include sourcing and fitting of the spare part. This can be at your home or on a collect and deliver basis. The list of spare parts available and more importantly, thier variations means this price list is only a guide, but in my experience its accurate with ranges Ive put down here. The quickest way to get a firm price is to email me with pictures or call me. Ive put my contact details and some suggestions on what you email me click here to go to the contact page.

  • Mantle or Wall Clock Replace  2 main springs  £180-£280 +
  • Mantle or Wall Clock change pendulum spring £40
  • Grandfather clock weights £60 – £150 each depending on style
  • Grandfather clock cat gut replacement £55 for one side, £75 for both excluding cat gut (£10-£30)
  • Grandfather Clock Pendulum spring custom fitting £120 + cost of the the spring required.Viennese Regulator leaf spring £55
  • Any clock – Repair or manufacture brass component £40 per item
  • Any clock – Leaf spring manufacture £30 – £60 per spring

It may well be that you would prefer me to come and have a look at clock to give you a diagnosis. I am more than happy to do this. Please contact me on:  07462 269 529