Comitti Clock Repair

I have nothing but praise for this clock. I dont get to work on many well engineered modern clocks as they last at least 50 years before anything needs replacing. On this occasion the clock had been “repaired” by somebody else and they had not mounted the mainspring in the barrel correctly. Therefore, when the ratchet gave out on the winding spindle the tension reduced to zero and the end of the spring failed to catch its loop in the barrel. The effect of this was the spring slipping back after a couple of winds i.e. no power.

Basicly this meant taking the whole clock completely to bits which is a long and slow job. Having said this the design of this clock made the job particularly straight forward. It was the little quality touches such as the mounting of the chime bars that made a huge difference.

If your thinking of buying a new or second hand clock then have a look at a Comitti as they seem to be very well engineered. Other modern clocks I work on often have a 3rd party movement and are all brass and boasting whereas these Comitti clocks are the real deal – they make the whole thing (very well).

Expect the pay low thousands but also expect to get your moneys-worth. Good clocks.

Heres a picture of its naked fabulousness!