1st Prize to Guy for the most damaged cuckoo clock ever

As Loetschers cuckoo clock repair partner in the UK we get a lot of cuckoo clocks in for service or repair. Most require new parts or just a really good clean and configuration however every now and again we get in….a challenge.

Guy just phoned me to enquire if I had received his cuckoo clock that had been damaged after falling off the wall. Get a load of this…


This is officially the “most broken” cuckoo clock we have been asked to restore. I would say “repair” but lets face it, this is a restoration whichever way you look at it. We will do it, no problem there, as quite frankly its the challenge of changing a pile of wood into a beautiful time keeper.

I did ask guy how if he had kicked it around the room and then hit it with a hammer after it fell off the wall but apparently not. Talking about it made us both laugh and I am unashamed to say that this one jumps the que simply because its a challenge and we like challenges. Despite resembling a wooden puzzle I am confident we can get this back to what it should be and I will post up a picture of the finished article when it is complete. Great fun and great customer. Most people would have given up but Guy collected all the bits, which I assume were spread out over a large area, and packed them off to us. If a bomb had gone off inside the clock it would probably have done less damage although the movement does seem to be in a reasonable state or repair. So off to work we go…


UPDATE: Ok here is the finished article. Only the cosmetic touch up of the joins to do left but this is so close to finished I thought I may as well post a picture up before I forget!.