NEW – Video Tutorial – How to set the beat on a mantle clock

Another self help article…

I think I’ve addressed this before in the blog – its one of the most common problems brought to me at the antiques centre workshop where you can walk in and annoy me endlessly with pointless drivel (I jest of course – but bring work!).

So usually I get a customer walk in with the immortal words “My clock runs for a minte or so and stops”. Assuming its not a major mechanical failure the problem is usually the clock has been set up to run evenly on a surface that isnt the same as the new clock locations. This happens in moves, when people buy new clocks, or commonly when the clock gets jarred sideways during movement for spring cleaning and suchlike.

The video explains this far better than words can and while I prefer to write as I get time limited to 30 words per minute on the keyboard, the vid does the job. This was a single take and the first time Ive ever used the camera to do a vid blog – not bad I have to say so myself. I may well do more video articles as the editing requirement has been non existent on this one.

Rather than embed the video on this page ive stuck it up on youtube so that those of you using tablets and phones to watch get the standard youtube view and quality. Follow click  the link below (it works from PC’s and Macs as well).

I shall now start work on particularly nice French ormalou Ive been waiting for a clear stretch on. I hope you get what you were looking for from the video and if you thought it was good post a link or share to this article on facebook or similar- its always nice to know the help travels as far as possible.