A Braintree Grandfather Clock Repaired!

20161107_173511This is a clock thats just been serviced and repaired on my testing jigg. Im narrowing down the accuracy ready for delivery in a couple of days.

I didnt know Braintree  had a clock maker, “J Wing – Braintree”, and anyone who does know – please email me at admin@braintreeclockrepairs.co.uk 

What I will say is that the clock is not fantastically made. The pendulum, which is obviously original due to its upper fixing, is too heavy. This has caused a lot of wear on the escapement cog which is really on its way out – 10 years perhaps.

When it can no longer maintain its arc (which fades as the cog wears) it will need a new escapement but thats an expensive job I only do where necessary. – i.e. the clock simply wont work without it.

Its got quite a nice face on it in good condition. It was common to get these submanufactured at the time so Wing didnt do the painting – just the movement and possibly the case but even that is unlikely for a provincial maker who could buy in these components cost effectively. The clock is about 1790 I would guess.