Vintage Bakelite Smiths Wall Clock Repair

This was a great looking clock to work on and repair. I would like to say the shiny finish is my work but the clock did not need laquering and came to me in almost perfect condition.

As with a lot of these clock the motor coil had given out. I can get them rewound with new copper for the purest but a far far better solution is a modern synchronous cabled movement – its less expensive, more reliable and doesnt change the core technology of the clock. Much better than a quartz movement and able to cope with heavy hands.

Its quite a job to get the old hands on the new collets but I’ve yet to find one I cant do despite the seconds hand normally being behind the minute and the hour. The old collets have to be drilled out and remade and refitted but its worth the effort to keep the old hands and maintain the look of these clocks.