A Metamec 830 Repair

Metamec clock repair



This is just a quick post to showcase a new clock I couldnt resist on ebay. These dont get repaired strictly speaking; you replace the whole movement in most cases. Motor burn out is common which means totally dead parrot movement. Modern quartz replacement is possible – Ive got a couple of converted ones and theres no shame in it!. Having said that Id love to own a mechanical 822 – mine is a filthy mongrel quartz conversion ehem!.

Its heavy and exceptionally well engineered. This one is the brass variant – it was also available in brushed steel with a pearl acrylic inlay which looks even better than this brass one.

Its a cabled clock which normally I dont go for but it sort of seems ok with yhis one as it would look good on a small side table.

The best thing about it is the prominent sweeping seconds hand – it just looks right for the design.

If you see one of these at a boot fair just buy it. Its probably in the 5 most desirable Metamecs and a solid investment – pay up to £60.