A nice email from another happy customer

All my customers are happy and I have plenty of good google reviews for you to rely on.

This one just came through on email so I thought I would just cut and paste it up a a blog entry. The thing about this one is that when the clock arrived it was just too much. EVERYTHING was wrong with it.

Its one thing getting a box of bits as with Guy “worst damaged cuckoo clock ever” I wrote a blog article a week or so ago about but its even more challenging get a clock which looks like a half finished building site inside. Dust, rust, grime and all the signs of log term neglect and bad storage for 30 years. To make a clock like that work you have to do everything properly and in the right sequence. Miss one thing out and you may as well not have bothered with all the other things to fix. Its a yes or no (boolean) type of job.

You can fix ten things on a clock like that but if there is an 11th problem you waste a great deal of time nailing down wether there is another problem but its one of the ones you already fixed and assumed was ok. I sound like Im moaning on – Im not, its just that people who like or play around with clock mechanics read this blog and they will be glad to know “its not just them”.

So, I phoned the customer and said that with our no fix no fee policy, it was too risky to take it on.

About a week later I thought “what the hell are you doing turning down difficult jobs. You made up the policy so stick by it and get stuck in”. I gave myself a good telling off.

We did the clock. Took a loss. Completed the overall mission and felt better for it. I was going to hide the chaps name but I am sure he will not mind me publishing it.

Evening Justin
> Just to say that the clock arrived very promptly today at 7.50am – and
> very well packed as well!
> I put it on a hook this morning, but waited until 5.30pm this
> afternoon before starting it, to save moving the hands!
> Well it is looking good and ticking very nicely. It is amazing how
> the tick changes when the clock is moved just a couple of millimetres
> isn’t it. But I believe I have the tick spot on after one slight
> adjustment and am very thrilled with it. I think I prefer it to my
> larger, eight day clock in many ways.
> So, Thank you so much for the very prompt repair and all your
> correspondence – the complete service! I’ll certainly recommend you
> with folk, if the opportunity ever arises.
> Best wishes
> Jonathan Farquhar.

Definitely worth it.