Exposed escapement slate clock c1900

This is a restoration I’ve just completed. Rather than bang on about it ill just summarise what was done.

  1. Movement stripped down and all brass chemically cleaned on a 3 stage process.
  2. Refinishing the black to remove the mineral degradation of the slate over 100 years
  3. Movement setup and calibration

Theres only three operations here but this stuff takes a long time so restorations of this type are quite costly. On a normal slate I would question whether it was worth it due to the flat values at the moment – a good slate is £200 to £500.

I did this clock because…it needed some love and I could see the potential, however, had it not been for the gorgeous ruby escapement paddles it might not have made the restoration que!. I am very glad I put the time in on this one as the photo doesn’t do it justice – its an absolute corker, if somewhat heavy.

If you have a slate you want done I am more than happy to do it but you will have to deliver and pick it up yourself – my back cant take it!.