Possibly the best mantle clock Ive seen…Grasshopper Escapement!

I was called out on a grandfather clock repair and was asked to quote on a service for this one off grasshopper escapement clock.

Normally I would do a long post but this time I have a video that really says it all.

Servicing a clock like this is not as complicated as you might think. All t he components are exposed and after about 5 minutes (most of which was with my mouth open in awe) I was able to see where the adjustment points were and understand the disassembly and assembly operation order.

Those of you who know such things will have noticed the fusee drive and surmised that the pendulum is probably iridium. Normally I am not really one for iridium pendulums – it seems a step too far, however, if the rest of the clock is this finely put together then iridium is sort of.. expected.