We are now the service arm of CuckooCloolections.co.uk

I am please to announce that Braintree Clock Repairs is now taken on repairs for the very popluar cuckoo clock website, www.cuckoocollections.co.uk.

This is a good business partnership as Braintree Clock Repairs has somewhat of a speciality in cuckoo clocks and holds vintage and modern spares for service work. Cuckoo Collections, however, are on the other side of thing sourcing and selling the best contemporary clocks around so this partnership should work well.

Just to stress at this juncture…this is ADDITIONAL work to Braintree Clock Repairs other types of clock, we fix ANY clock and are quite proud of that. We have a 98% fix rate and if we cant fix it….we dont charge. A no fix no fee service in clock repair is unheard of for good reason. Its about being good and knowing it by proving it on every job. Crikey – Ive strarted bragging – I do apologise but it is true and its worth knowing if your a potential customer reading this.

The same goes for Ryan at Cuckoocollections. He is a swithced on chap with good product knowledge and will be able to give you excellent advice if you have any queries on stock or options on a modern clock or some of the repro classics (email is best to get hold of him).

As part of this service partnership Braintree Clock Repairs is now going to gradually add a more extensive range of services for the modern electronic clocks. Not too much of a change from normal operations, however, it will allow us to continue to enjoy the genre through all its eras, be it a fantastic Victorian automater with a superb music box, or the simple every day later cocks from the 20th century that get passed down as family heirlooms, and now, the contemporary clocks you will see on Ryans site as well.

Thanks to Ryan at CuckooCollections.co.uk for coming up with this idea – the more cuckoo clocks I get to work the happier I am. As long as I get all the normal  1710 London Grandfather and 1950;s Smiths Bakelite in as well of course!.

In all honestly doubt I soley do cuckoos….serious risk of mental meltdown. Some of the old clock were build by dyslexic maniacs with reverse finger joints and you can only absorb so much of this insanity before you want to track the guy down and say “but why this way? you could have mounted this part so it was as least accessible”. Cant afford the air fares so Ill try and keep my cuckoo addiction manageable and my engineering critique to my blog.