Mantle And Wall Clock Repairs


The majority of my customer who want me to repair a mantle or wall clock, want me to do so because the clock has some sentimental value. I take as much care on these repairs and restoration on as with anything else I do, and am more than happy to restore a clock that may be worth very little in material terms to its original condition (almost!)

I can source the correct spring for your clock, strip and clean it, set it up for you and advise you on basic operation and maintenance. Almost all parts can be sourced for these types of clock as clocks became popular and cheap after the war and many more are still in existence than with other era’s – disrpoportionately so.

In summary I provide:

  • I repair and restore mantle clocks from Smiths Enfield, Metamec (I am a Metamec enthusaist) or any other of the post war manufacturers of mechanical pendulum clocks.
  • All types of wall clock either mechanical, or more commonly, electric. If the clock has an electric movement from the 40’s and 50’s, even a cabled one, I can usually fix it or replace it with one from the same era. Some I can match directly with stock as this is a very popular service.
  • I can source or replace nearly all spares for mantle clocks from the second half of the 20th century. This includes convex glass at various sizes, bezels and doors, keys, springs and pendulums.
  • If your clock is stopped then it probably needs a new leaf spring for the pendulum and a complete strip and clean. If the movement is of good quality (I can advise on this) it should be possible to return the clock to long term working order.

Prices start at £25 to unjam or setup, howeve most requiring cleaning which ranges widely in price depending on how complex the movement is. A simple movement costs £60 for a full clean and genrally dont cost more than £120 for a medium or large one


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