Pocket Watch & Wrist Watch Repairs

Pocket Watch and Wrist Watch Repairs.


I undertale some pocket watch repairs. If components within the watch are physically damaged it is usually more cost effective to buy a working movement. This is however not common. Most watches come to me simply “stopped”. In these instances (the majority) a complete strip down of the watch to is individual components is required. These are then gently washed with a solvents and rebuilt into the watch chasis. This is a time consuming and tricky procedure so prices for a service and re-lubrication start at £120.

If  watch physically wont wind any more it may be that the main spring has snapped. These can be replaced much more easily than other components and so prices are little more than that for a clean and lubricate e.g. £180 including the spring.

Some chiming pocket watches need more work and are incredibly complex so I prefer to see these before making any commitments on pricing or what is actually achievable – a complex watch will often be beyond economic repair if components are damaged, however, I am alwasy happy to offer an assessment and “cost to fix” any watch. A photo of the movement inside is always a great help in estimating what needs to be done so please go to the contact page where there are instruction and a link to email me.

Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you via the phone, text or email (a lot of enquiries come by text these days!). 07462 269529 click to call or text me on your mobile.