Regulator Clock Repairs

Viennese_Regulator_Clock_Repair_Button.fwViennese Regulator Clock Repair

I repair all types of wall clock but am very often asked to repair a regulator style clock. These come in all shapes and sizes. They can be spring driven pendulum units or powered by one or more weights (more normally one).

If you have bought one of these clocks and you are stuggling to get it to work consistently you would not be alone!. Many of my customers simply want me to set up the clock and fix it to the wall for the first time because they can be sensitive to being moved and need careful adjustment.

The reason regulators are so popular is that they keep excellent time due to their long pedulum length and usually quite substancialy weighted pedulums. This is great or timekeeping but not so great for spring wear and a very common problem is exactly this at the top of the pendulum fixing where the taper spring meets the clock. Depending on the clock these can be easy or actually quite difficult to replace as they cannot simply be clipped in as with other taper springs.

I can source the correct spring for your clock, strip and clean it, set it up for you and advise you on basic operation and maintenance. Almost all parts apart from movment cogs can be sourced for this type of clock as they were popular, if a little sensitive to changes in their environment.

Prices for a clean and service range from £70 – £220. The wide variance is due to the fact that a lot of clocks were made in the regulator style and there are a variety of movements used. I can however provide an estimate if you can email me some pictures, or alternatively I would be more than happy to visit and view. Ring me on 07462 269529 for a visit or click here to read what photos you should send in the email.


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