Grandfather Clock Repairs


Grandfather Clock Repairs

I provide a complete mechanical servicing and repair service for grandfather clocks of all ages. I can also source and replace most parts.

For the most part grandfather clocks that have stopped or no longer keep good time tend to have a lot of grime on the cogs and spindle holes. This simply causes too much additional friction for the clock to continue in its balanced progresion. A good clean invloves removing the head and completely dissasembling it so the spindles can be removed and cleaned and takes some time. I can provide this service at your home given the necessary space and access. If you prefer I can take the movement away for cleaning and return when completed. All the ther services listed on this page can be performed with the clock in place. I will visit to estabish the parts required and then return at a later date to provide the fix in some cases. All in all I cover:

  • Stopped Clock repairs
  • Movement strip down, clean and lubrication.
  • Cat gut wire replacement
  • Replace Pendulum Spring
  • Source and Replace weight(s) contemporary to clock
  • Replacement antique clock keys
  • Replacement antique hands
  • Replacement winders or keys
  • Complete Movement & Face Replacement \ Transplant

I am a grandfather clock enthusiast and would be more than happy to advise on your clocks age and features which will normally enable you to value it. If you are simply interested in broadly establishing the era or ages within 50 years (a quarter of grandfather history) then have a look at my blog post “dating a grandfather clock” in the How Fix Clocks blog.