How to fix clocks


In the coming months I will be publishing mini guides in this blog that will allow you to do some of the work I do for others, for yourself.

This might seem like a stupid thing for me to do, however, I am a genuine clock repair enthusiast and the people I help are not of a mind to get involved with the mechanics of something like a carriage clock service and clean. Some people who visit this site will however be looking for advice on home servicing and good for them!.

If people are not interested in clocks and how they work then there will be less of them over time. Mechanical clocks and reparing them is not just a hobby, you will be doing something to keep an art alive and its artifacts in good health for the next generation of keen engineers who appreciate how fundemental clocks were in the development of science and the human race. It truly is a worthy cause!.

My first post due out this week will dive off the deep end with the aforementioned carriage clock service tutorial. Bookmark this blog and come back in a week or so to find out something quite valuable and extremely interesting.