Mora Clock Repair

mora1I recently repaired this Mora clock. These are quite rare now and originated from 18th century to the middle of the 19th. They are really good looking clocks and thier shape in sweden is as iconic as the grandfather clock you or I would envisage.

This particular clock is old and I am advising the owners to reasearch it a bit as it is marked A A Anderson on the front who was the very first Mora clock maker operating from Ostnor in the middle and end of the 18th century.

To find out more about Mora clocks visit this link to its Wikipedia entry which covers all the basics.

The main reason for this post is really just to show a rare clock however a few lessons were learned by the owner as part of the repair. The most important of these is that whenever you ship a pendulum clock it is essentail to remove the pendulum. If you dont do this then the pedulum will jump around and either bend, break or crease the leaf spring on which it is suspended. Hope you like the clock and for more about Mora clocks.